Pay Online: Rent or HOA fees

/Pay Online: Rent or HOA fees
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What you’ll need to pay online

Paying online is easy. If you haven’t already paid online before, make sure you have the following information at hand before you start:

  • an email to create your account
  • credit card/debit card or bank info to make payment

Payment Portal

We’re supplying a convenient way for you to pay your rent and your HOA fees.  If you have any questions about paying your rent online, please contact us: (323) 754-2818

Pay Now

Corporate Office Contact Info

11215 S. Western Avenue.
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Phone: 323-754-2818

Fax: 323-754-0540


Long Beach Office

1100 East Wardlow Road,
Long Beach, Califormaia, 90807-4726

Phone: 562-427-8626

Fax: 562-427-8408


Emergency Contacts

Emergency phone number: 888-296-7481

Property Emergencies:

24/7 emergency service is always available, even on holidays. In case of a life-threatening emergency call 911. In case of a property emergency; such as a burst pipe, power outages, or fire, call the Utility Company first to inspect the issue and confirm whether it is an issue the utility company or property management will need to resolve. If there is an emergency after business hours, please contact the emergency phone number provided. Examples of emergencies (broken water main line, busted water heaters, overflowing of water, light fixture smoking, etc). If the nature of your call is not an emergency, you will be responsible for the bill in the amount of $25.00. Please do not use email or any online forms for emergencies!