The Minority Apartment Owners Association (M.A.O.A.) kicked off the first meeting with a bang! The meeting was held Wednesday, January 14th, 2016 at the corporate office of International Realty & Investment, lead by Ruth Hayles, Executive Director of the M.A.O.A. Ruth updated members and guests of upcoming bills that will be sponsored by tenant’s rights groups in 2016. The guest speaker for the evening was Elsa Rodriguez, Senior Regional Planner, Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning who brought some very interesting information to light in regards to zoning and the “4 Knows of Buying Property” through a very detailed power point. Ms. Rodriguez brought up the importance of doing your own research when buying property and zoning. She gave many examples of worst case scenarios where owners had to make many repairs and changes just to bring their properties up to code. With this very informative presentation and literature given members and guests can rest assure knowing that obtaining the proper zoning information is easily accessible with one car ride to one of the County’s zoning offices in the L.A. area. Being uneducated in zoning can lead to disastrous consequences that can linger on for years and cause new property owners mountains of debt. With such an impressive presentation to start the year off, members of the M.A.O.A. are eager to see what the next meeting will bring. To find out more information on how to become a member of the M.A.O.A. or to obtain a brochure in regards to zoning in your area, feel free to contact International Realty & Investments corporate office.