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The Urban Housing Solutions Incorporated (UHS) is a non-profit community organization who mission is to provide counseling, training, assistance and advice to tenants and homeowners on property maintenance, financial management, and other matters appropriate to assist tenants and homeowners in improving their housing conditions and meeting responsibilities of tenancy and homeownership. The mission of this Association is to provide assistance, information and training to disadvantage individuals to help them obtain affordable permanent housing. The Association institutes activities that contribute to the improvement of low-income individuals and/or minority owned organizations that serve to support disadvantaged (or persons with physical or mental disabilities) youth, adults and senior citizens.

In addition, UHS conducts community outreach activities and provides counseling to individuals, including persons with visual or hearing impairments or other disabilities, with the objective of increasing awareness of homeownership opportunities and improving access to low and moderate income households to sources of mortgage credit.


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Do You Need Help?

Sometimes a friendly ear and guidance from a real estate professional can turn things around.  Call our office and ask to speak to someone regarding getting advice from the Urban Housing Solutions, Inc..

UHS assists homebuyers, homeowners, and tenants to meet their housing needs, resolve their housing problems, and work towards ending homelessness. UHS and its members represent a united effort to attack the root causes of homelessness. UHS is an advocate for comprehensive improvement of the delivery of services to at-risk and homeless individuals and families by disseminating information and assistance. UHS designs and conducts training classes and seminars on ways to meet the special needs of the most at-risk and chronically homeless people. UHS will endeavor to move them toward permanent housing and the supportive services they require. UHS nurtures stronger ties with faith and community-bases organizations that serve the homeless and are closest to the root causes of homelessness.

UHS provides information and a wide range of housing options, including options in lower-poverty neighborhoods, so that the families may make informed decisions in selecting housing and move closer to job sites, public transportation, shopping, schools, training opportunities, and family/friends support networks. These programs will also provide supportive services to help recipients of housing vouchers comply with private owner rental lease requirements, housing quality standards (HQS) and other obligations under the voucher program, so that tenants remain stably housed and successfully adjust to their new communities.

UHS also provides counseling and training to residents and businesses throughout communities to help create jobs and business opportunities in the most economically distressed areas of Los Angeles, California. UHS disseminates information on tax incentives, grants, and loans to create jobs and expand business opportunities.