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  • Los Angeles Property management - Minority Apartment Owners Association
  • Los Angeles Property management - Minority Apartment Owners Association


The Minority Apartment Owners Association (MAOA) is a network of minority and non-minority rental property owners who own property throughout Southern California. It was founded in 1987 under the parent company, International Realty & Investments.

Purpose of the MAOA . . .
Because we do business in an increasingly complicated & regulated environment, everyday brings new laws and regulations telling rental property owners what they can and cannot do. To be successful rental property owners need lawyers, accountants, lobbyist, and trained maintenance experts just to keep up to date and stay in compliance with the many changing laws.

A strong rental housing association is absolutely necessary for rental property owners in today’s litigious environment. With several concerns at their forefront, members have an opportunity to participate with others in making certain that their needs are not forgotten in government policy decisions on the local, state, and national level.

Location of Regular Meetings

International Realty & Investments
11215 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90047
Phone: (323) 754-4334
Fax: (323) 754-0540

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, January 14, 2016

Please join us at our next Minority Apartment Owners meeting.  Bring your membership card.  New members may Apply at the meeting or Apply Online.

Mission Statement & History of MAOA

Why Should I Become A Member?

Membership is easy, affordable, and beneficial to rental property owners needing to stay up to date on all the laws
and regulations as a landlord and to avoid lawsuits, by staying knowledgeable on tenant rights.

As a member of the CHPC, the MAOA supports rental housing policy that:

  • Supports quality affordable housing at all economic levels
  • Encourages supply-side solutions to rental housing challenges rather than restrictive over-regulation
  • Strongly opposes discriminatory practices
  • Preserves the safety and economic viability of our neighborhoods
  • Promotes habitable living standards and conditions
  • Guarantees due process and fair treatment to owners and renters
  • Reaffirms owners’ discretion to participate in government housing programs
  • Preserves the renters’ right to quiet enjoyment of their homes while maintaining the owners’ private property rights
  • Provides owners with the tools and remedies to accomplish these objectives

Member Newsletter

Members receive a Bimonthly Newsletter of the Minority Apartment Owners Association called the MAOA Network.  Inside members are kept up-to-date on regulations, amendments, and special events featuring noted congressmen & congresswomen.  – View Sample Newsletter

Why Should I Join?

Owning rental property is a business and should be operated as a business. But in today’s market, owners cannot stand alone. Owning rental property has become an increasingly complicated, regulatory environment and joining with others for statewide rental issues that affect you locally is extremely important. In addition, members have an opportunity to participate with others in making certain that their needs are not forgotten in government policy decisions.

Membership Benefit #1

There is strength in numbers with other owners that face the same issues that you encounter. The MAOA is a member of the California Housing Providers Coalition (CHPC). Founded in 1995 as the Los Angeles County Coalition of Apartment Associations, the CHPC now includes eights other housing organizations throughout the state. It represents more than 30,000 rental property owners and managers with more than one million units.

Who Are MAOA Members?

The membership represents a diverse housing community. Members range from the individual who owns a single family rental house to government and private sector organizations who have a mutual concern for the economic well being and quality of life for residents of its community.

Join Now!

The MAOA is seeking active members who are concerned about housing in their communities.  Insurance and lender red-lining, poor housing, code enforcement, rent control, health and safety, and crime reduction in our communities are just some of the issues the MAOA membership has been addressing.  Its members are committed to decent, safe, and affordable housing for residents in the community.  The members represent a diverse housing community.  Members range from the individual who owns a small duplex to government and private sector organizations who have a mutual concern for the economic well-being and quality of life for all residents in the community.

What the MAOA Offers You with your Membership . . .

  • Networking with Investment Property Owners with Common Interests
  • Property Management and Investment Training at By-Monthly Meetings
  • MAOA Networking – By-Monthly Newsleter
  • Trade Referrals: Roofing Contractors, General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpentry, G;ass.Hardware, Locksmith, and other related services
  • Rental Agreements and Related Forms
  • Low-Cost Credit and Eviction Reporting Services
  • Specialized Services of an Eviction Attorney, Insurance Representative, and Financial Consultants
  • Personalized Real Estate Consultation
  • On Organized Voice to Decision-Makers in the Community
  • Other On-Going Services to Assist You to Increase Your Profits

Membership Application for the MAOA



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