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International Realty & Investments was formed by its owner Malcolm Bennett over 3 decades ago with the purpose of providing decent, safe and sanitary housing to the residents of the greater Los Angeles area. Originally formed as Bennett & Bennett, the name was changed in 1984.

During the 1990’s when Southern California was experiencing a recession and property values declined, International Realty & Investments was still an innovative, thriving company. It was during this time that it opened its Long Beach Division, which is now managed by Ivy A. Goolsby.

International Realty & Investments currently has two locations and prides itself in being a company that not only provides , specializing in real estate investments and sales, but has been recognized as a leader in property management and homeowner association management. It is a recognized leader in the real estate field. All licensees of the company are members of the California Association of REALTORS®, not just real estate agents. They include, Broker/Owner Malcolm Bennett; General Manager, Ruth Hayles; and REALTORS Michael Williams, and Ana Rugamas.

Who Is IRI

The goal of International Realty & Investments is to maximize profits and minimize headaches for real estate owners throughout Southern California, whether it be professional management or real estate sales.
If it is a problem for you, it is a challenge for us. We specialize in troubled properties. We are dedicated to helping you reach your short and long term investment goals.
We are a firm that is ready and able to make a full-time commitment to you. We can and will do that.
If there is a troubled property that needs to be “turned around”, International Realty & Investments is the company that can accomplish the task.

Corporate Office: 323-754-2818

11215 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90047-4848

Long Beach Office: 562-427-8626

1100 East Wardlow Road, Long Beach, Califormaia, 90807-4726

Meet Our Executive Team

Malcolm Bennett
Malcolm BennettPresident & Founder
Malcolm has been the real estate broker and owner since 1975 and has over 35 years experience in the real estate profession. His contributions to the business community have been matched with his commitment to bettering the lives of the the residents of Los Angeles. He completed his formal education at California State University, Los Angeles with Business Administration as his major.

Mr. Bennett’s knowledge in the real estate field has allowed him to serve as State Court Receiver in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange Counties for several of the largest banks in California. His activities in the community have received recognition at State and Local levels. He has served in a leadership position in nearly every organization in which he is a member. He prides himself as being a REALTOR and and twice serving as President of the Southwest Los Angeles Board of REALTORS, the only African American Board of REALTORS in the city.

On Thursday, January 19, 1995, in Washington D.C., a tribute was made to him in the Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 104th Congress. He was honored as a leader in the real estate industry for dedicating himself to the community which he serves.

In his commitment to the housing industry, he founded the Minority Apartment Owners Association in 1987 and has led the organization’s efforts to provide knowledge, training and legislative involvement for it’s members.

Ruth A. Hayles
Ruth A. HaylesGeneral Manager
She is a Realtor and supervises the day to day operations of the company in the property management, investment and residential sales division.

Active in the real estate profession since 1982 and she is also the Editor of the MAOA Network. Her degree in English and Journalism from Kansas State University and her prior technical editing career, have afforded her the opportunities to utilize her journalism skills in the real estate profession.

Ms. Hayles serves as one of the founding members of the Minority Apartment Owners Association. She has served as the Executive Director of the organization since its inception in 1987.

In 2009, she served as the President of the Rancho Southeast Association of Realtors®. In 2005 she served on the Executive Committee of C.A.R., under the leadership of President Jim Hamilton. She also served as the Vice Chair of the Property Management Committee of C.A.R. and has been a member of the Common Interest Committee, which relates to homeowner associations.

Ruth was recognized as the Women’s Council of REALTORS® Member of the Year by the California State Chapter, an organization of over 2,200 members.

Ms. Hayles has a passion for assisting her clients in the housing industry. She takes pride in helping the landlord, the buyer/seller of residential income property, or assisting the first time buyer to realize the American dream.

Ivy Arlinda Goolsby
Ivy Arlinda GoolsbyDirector and Manager of the Long Beach Division
Ivy Arlinda Goolsby is the marketing Director and Manager of the Long Beach Division of INTERNATIONAL REALTY & INVESTMENTS, INC. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the Long Beach offices. In her previous experience as a manager at Pacific Bell/SBC Global Network, she is experienced in all aspects of management and marketing. She has a 25-year tenure at Pacific Bell/SBC as manager, priority marketing and other key positions.

As a co-owner of a Long Beach business and owner of another area business, Mrs. Goolsby has supervised staff and made administrative and business decisions that have helped in her role to manage the Long Beach office and assist property owners.

Mrs. Goolsby is a native of Long Beach and continues to play an active role in the community and business involvement. She is active in the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and Serves on the Board of Directors of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Women’s Council and the chairperson of the Women’s Council Outreach Committee. On any given Saturday, she is actively involved in the Long Beach clean up and improvement program. She has participated in numerous programs throughout the City of Long Beach in neighborhood with useful advice on filling vacancies, recruiting tenants, management techniques, and legal issues.

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